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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Speak With a DUI Lawyer If Someone Was Injured Due to Your Driving

DUI Lawyer
As a DUI lawyer, we will start negotiating for lesser charges if you are charged with a felony.  Here’s what you could face upon a felony conviction:
  • Up to ten years in California state jail plus additional time based on the extent of the injuries you caused
  • A fine of $1,000 to $5,000
  • An alcohol program that lasts from eighteen to thirty months
  • Three years as a Habitual Traffic Offender
  • A strike on your record that goes towards the three strike rule
  • Financial restitution to the other party
The results of a felony conviction can be devastating. By negotiating to get the charges reduced ahead of time, you will face fewer risks in the courtroom.  

As DUI lawyer, it is important to build a case for innocence and why you should not be convicted of this crime. It is essential that you discuss everything leading up to the incident, including any other conditions that could have been contributing factors such as bad weather conditions or a roadway that wasn’t maintained. This will help to paint a picture for how the accident may have happened regardless.  Additionally, information on what you were doing drinking and your daily life can help to demonstrate that drinking excessively was out of character and unintentional.  Demonstrating that overindulging was accidental can potentially help.

When possible, showing compensating circumstances may help the case. For example, working a long shift and being tired can make alcohol have a greater impact on physical ability than it normally would and being tired can produce similar reactions as being drunk.  This is why we recommend resting prior to driving if you are exhausted.  

If you have been arrested after injuring someone while drinking and driving, it is important to start working on your defense immediately.  These are serious charges that can lead to jail time and a permanent criminal record.  Don’t risk your freedom by treating this like an auto accident. Call our office to speak with a DUI lawyer today.