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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How to Select the Right Fullerton Attorney

Fullerton Attorney
If you need legal help, it can be challenging to find the right Fullerton attorney. It isn’t for a shortage of attorneys, in fact, it is the opposite.  There are so many lawyers that it can be overwhelming to sort through them and select the right one for the job.  As a local lawyer, our practice has been refined over time to where we specialize in certain types of cases.  This makes us an expert in the areas of drug defense, criminal defense, DUI’s, manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter, and third strike laws.  While we can help in other situations, this is where our services really shine.  

The benefit of working with an expert in the type of law you need cannot be overstated.  There are so many laws on the books that it is impossible to be an expert at everything.  It is, however, possible to gain vast knowledge and experience in specific areas of the law.  Clients benefit, as a result, because lawyers that specialize understand the small nuances of the law that can make or break a case.  It also means that lawyers are used to going before certain judges and have a good understanding of how they tend to rule in certain areas.  As with any profession, the more you focus on a specialty, the better results you will see. 

When trying to select a Fullerton attorney, ask yourself these questions:

Are you on the offense or defense?  If you are on the offense that means that you want to sue someone else. As an example, filing a personal injury claim or suing a company for making a bad product.  In this case, you need an attorney that specializes in civil litigation.  If you are on the defense that means that you have been accused of a crime or are likely to be accused of one.  In this case, you need an attorney that can defend you in court and protect your rights.  Attorney’s that practice civil litigation, typically don’t practice criminal law and if they do, ask which one they specialize in.  This becomes particularly important when hiring someone to keep you out of jail. Your life depends on it, so if they are normally a civil attorney, you could suffer from their inexperience.

How serious is your case?  If you have been charged with a crime, you need to look at how serious those charges are.  For example, if you have been accused of your first DUI, there are a lot of attorneys that can help you to get out of it.  This is a simple first-time offense and as such, many lawyers offer these services with the same results.  If, however, you have been convicted in the past, you need a criminal lawyer that can fight to keep you free.  The field is significantly smaller when looking for these attorneys.  For example, we specialize in third-strike cases, so when there has been a prior conviction we don’t shy away from the case, but are experts at defending our clients in court. 

When considering which Fullerton attorney to hire, make sure to select one that has enough experience to give you the best shot at success.